Style 911: What Should I Wear To My Event Planning Job?

“My job is a bit unusual because I work in a large sports bar/ lounge at night. I handle all of the events in the space from birthdays, game watches, corporate happy hours and pretty much anything under the sun. I find myself in a wardrobe dilemma!! My hours are so random just like the events and I never know what to wear. The guys that work here just get to wear jeans and our bar t-shirts or sometimes they will wear button ups and jeans. I feel like I have to be dressed a little nicer because you never know when someone will drop by and want to plan a huge event! The other thing that makes it tricky is that I am often on my feet for long periods of time and we have 3 levels so heels aren’t the right footwear at all! Any advice?”

As someone who used to DJ a bunch, and has spent my fair share of time in and around bars, I feel your foot pain. There’s always flats, definitely. But have you considered a platform wedge? They’re actually a lot more comfortable than you might think — because having a platform means you’re not walking on as much of a heel as it first appears.

As for what to wear? Looking professional in a bar scene can be a challenge, but we think dark or black denim, or casual, comfortable dresses should do the trick. Check out our picks after the jump!

Pants Outfit:
Sam Edelman Dalton Shoe, 4$154.90
Nudie Kai Skinny Jeans, $153.55
C. Luce Color Block Peplum Blouse, $47.99

Dress Outfit:
Mai By Pour La Victoire, $138.90
Everday Crochet Tights, $32
Suzi Chin For Maggy Boutique, $98