Michigan Considers Allowing 12-Week-Old Fetuses As Tax “Dependents”

  • In a sneaky attempt to grant fetuses the same legal status as “people” and thus criminalize abortion, Michigan’s legislature has introduced a bill to change the tax code so that would-be parents could claim fetuses as “dependents” after 12 weeks of gestation. [Mother Jones]
  • President Obama has nominated the first-ever gay Latina judge, Nitza I. Quinonones Alejandro, to the federal courts. [Queerty]
  • Republican congressional candidate Brad Staats, who ran on a “family values” platform in Tennessee, was arrested for domestic assault this weekend after allegedly hitting his wife in the face. [Raw Story]
  • Why domestic workers like nannies and elder caregivers — who are mostly women and often people of color or immigrants — need a Bill Of Rights. [TIME]
  • A study of media coverage of 2012 candidates for Congress found that news coverage and voters’ assessments showed less gender bias than past elections, which may explain why women candidates were so successful. [Washington Post]
  • Sorry, Elisabeth Hasselbeck from “The View,” but “verbal rape” is not a thing. [The Gloss]
  • Four military servicewomen are suing the U.S. Department of Defense over women’s exclusion from combat roles. [Mother Jones]
  • Why are supposedly-liberal men in Florida freaking out about a sex survey distributed to improve the state’s reproductive health services for young women? [Slate]
  • Is it “gay husband” or “lesbian wife” or “partner”? Help! [New York Times]
  • Meet Asia Graves, a victim of a child prostitution ring who now works to fight the exploitation of girls. [Boston]
  • On what to do when someone uses the word “rape” to mean sex. [Racialicious]
  • Blogger Amanda Marcotte on why the narratives espoused by “men’s rights activists”/MRAs can kill. [Raw Story]
  • The federal district court in Oakland, California, is the first major federal court in which all the judges on the bench are female. [Think Progress]
  • Was Appalachian State University professor Jammie Price unfairly treated after she spoke out about the school’s failure to investigate sexual assault by student athletes? [Inside Higher Ed]
  • On the rise of the cocktail and the feminization of booze. [Bitch Magazine]


  • Model/actress/musician/former French First Lady Carla Bruni says her generation “does not need feminism.” I suppose that’s an easy belief to hold if one is as privileged as a model/actress/musician/former French First Lady.  [Daily Mail UK]
  • A conservative male politician in Britain has called adoption by lesbians and gays “child abuse.” [Think Progress]
  • Malaysia has banned sexist remarks in Parliament after numerous MPs have made insulting comments about women. [Raw Story]
  • Watch these skateboarding girls of Kabul, Afghanistan. [NYmag.com Vulture]

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