Teen Boy In Alabama Assaults His Sister’s Girlfriend On Thanksgiving

  • The family of Mallory Owens in Mobile, Alabama, wants charges upgraded for the 18-year-old boy who allegedly assaulted Owens on Thanksgiving. Travis Hawkins Jr. allegedly beat Owens so badly that her broken nose will require reconstructive surgery — all because she is dating his sister and he does not “approve.” He was arrested for second degree assault charges, but Owens’ family says his attack was a hate crime and should be upgraded to attempted murder. [WKRG]
  • Why has the abortion rate hit an all-time low? (Theory: slutty slut sluts are keeping their legs together?) [Washington Post]
  • Meet lesbian Republicans and find out more about their struggle to reconcile both identities. [New York Times Magazine]
  • Could Senator Patty Murray of Washington become the first-ever female Senate Majority Leader? [Washington Post]
  • A “fetal personhood” bill to grant fetuses the same legal status as fully-formed human beings (thus criminalizing all abortion) could be brought up for a vote in Virginia’s state Senate committee this week. [Think Progress]
  • The musician grandson of writer Tillie Olsen is raising money on Kickstarter to compose and record songs based on her unpublished journals. [Kickstarter]
  • Blogger Alyssa Rosenberg on how if you want to get more women writing for television, you need to convince more men that it matters. [Slate]


  • Facts and myths about Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill. [Think Progress]
  • An 11-year-old school girl was brutally attacked and raped in a park while walking home from school in London on Friday. [BBC]
  • On Saudi Arabia’s “digital leash” on women. [The Week]
  • A British woman of faith in the UK responds to the Church of England’s recent decision not to allow female bishops. [Her Glass Slipper]

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