Chris Brown Gets In Twitter Fight With Comedienne, Promptly Deletes Account

Oh, how sad. Chris Brown has deleted his Twitter account. Yesterday, the R&B singer got in a war of very immature words with comedienne Jenny Johnson, after Johnson tweeted that he was a worthless piece of shit. In his defense, Brown proceeded to behave like a worthless piece of shit, calling Johnson a “hoe” and saying that his mom suggested he shit in her eye. Now, Brown deleted all of these tweets, but because Johnson replied to them, they live on because Twitter is a bitch like that. Anyway, Brown also tweeted, “Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????” which I find way more bothersome than the sharting in eyeballs stuff, because it’s, once again, dismissive of his now infamous assault against the singer and his then-girlfriend. Just because Rihanna has “forgiven” him and is still caught up in that abusive relationship (the two were spotted partying together this weekend), doesn’t make that incident okay. Following these tweets, Brown deleted his entire Twitter account, which really just means he’ll continue to behave like a worthless piece of shit, only slightly more privately. Ughs all around. [Gawker]