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United+Bamboo&utm_campaign=5433e1d376-Meeeooooowwww11_21_2012&utm_medium=email" target="_blank">United Bamboo is a designer clothing company that makes expensive clothes for humans, and equally expensive clothes for cats. Like, you can buy a sequined cat evening gown for $68 or a cat parka (with animal fur on it!) for $98. If you want. If that’s your thing. They even make an annual cat calendar, featuring cats dressed up in hipster-style humanoid clothes. And now these same catsploitaters have come up with what they term Cat Tipis, but what everybody else would call Expensive Toy-sized Teepees for your cat. Says United Bamboo: “Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, tipis make the perfect all-season cat home.” (As does, you know, your house).  If you so desire to buy a tiny superfluous home for your beloved furry friend, it’ll cost you an adorable $58.

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