No Excuses, You Need These DIY Glittery Star Pins This Holiday Season

I’ve never been the type of girl to sport hair accessories with regularity. (I tried the Blair Waldorf headband thing in high school before I realized it was more than a little bit to blame for my atrocious tension headaches, and that was the end of that.) Sure, I’ll pop a decorative bobby pin in there once in a while for some oomph if I’m looking especially haggard, but otherwise I take my hair plain with a ponytail holder. But against my better rationality, I cannot escape my magpie nature: when I spotted the glistening gold stars tucked into models’ hair at the Rodarte Autumn/Winter show (at left), it was love at first sight. Seriously. Screw men, I want stars in my hair.

Unfortunately, the accessories were custom-made for the show, and though several DIY versions have hit the web since then, they all required far too much skill for my crafts-inept hand. Just in time for the holidays, Lauren Conrad-approved beauty bible The Beauty Department is showing us how to get the sparkly, star-studded look in five easy steps. The results may not be as refined as the original Rodarte clips (which, mark my words, I will someday recreate), but with a DIY this easy, you’ll have no excuse for not adding a touch of whimsy to your hair this time of year. (And for the uninspired who cannot live without the look: I’ve got you covered, too.) [The Beauty Department]