7 Ways To Spend Black Friday Away From The Mall

Happy Black Friday everyone! Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous and fattening and as devoid of family drama as possible. It is a straight up miracle that I was not up and out of bed this morning at 4 a.m., ready to raid the stores like the shopaholic that I am. But you know? I had an epiphany in the middle of the night. There are so many BETTER things to do on this lovely Black Friday than battling long lines and psychotic deal lovers — after the jump, seven things you could do instead today that will be relatively bruise free. (Seriously, people have been trampled to death over electronics. Ridiculous.)1. Shop Online: Look, I am not THAT reformed. Shopping online may not have the instant gratification factor or the ability to try things on before you purchase, but I can guarantee no one can trample you on the internet. And, often the deals are just as good. Check out our list of online Black Friday deals here. Besides, participating just a little bit in Black Friday spending is, like, good for the economy or something.

2. Take A Dance Class: Winona gave us some pretty awesome reasons why shakin’ that thang is good for the soul, so what are you waiting for?

3. Go To A Museum: Chances are, the museums will be almost as crowded as the stores, but people don’t trample each other to get a look at some Jackson Pollack mess. Museums are safer AND more cultural, plus, if you’re just dying to spend, you can hit the museum shop on the way out.

4. See A Movie: Let the Oscar race begin! Big buzz movies like “Lincoln,” “Life of Pi,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” and “The Sessions” are either already in theaters or opening today. And, you know, there’s always “Breaking Dawn: Part 2.”

5. Read A Frickin’ Newspaper: If you hadn’t hurt, things are looking pretty dire between the Israelis and the Palestinians in Gaza. Read about it and feel blessed.

6. Put Off Your Post-Thanksgiving Diet: You have leftovers to eat. Seriously, I am not starting my 14 day cleanse until Monday, after I’ve inhaled every morsel of turkey, potatoes gratin, and stuffing chillin’ out in my fridge.

7. Pick a new TV show to get into and play catchup. This is basically my primary hobby, so allow me to suggest some shows that are really enjoyable to watch all in row, taking breaks only to pee, eat, and sleep: “Homeland,” “The Walking Dead,” “The Wire,” “Breaking Bad,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Dexter” and “Downton Abbey” are all shows that I watched at least multiple seasons of in succession and highly recommend.