What To Wear To Shop Black Friday Sales

We’re not really big fans of Black Friday (because we are slovenly and lazy and can’t be bothered to wake up that early), but if you must — make it easy on yourselves and dress for the occasion. Below, some sartorial guidelines for making the most of the craziest shopping day of the year.

1. The first rule of having an insane hysterical Black Friday-rific shopping day? Do not wear your coat indoors. Your winter coat is just going to make you overheat and get in the way. ‘Tis better to freeze momentarily than have to lug around a large puffy jacket all day. It’s just going to impede your ability to grab and hold onto stuff, and nobody wants that.

2. This is the one time I will advocate for a fanny pack. Fanny pack connoisseurs, go crazy. Fanny packs are great for heavy shopping days like this because they keep your hands free. If you absolutely can’t handle a fanny pack, bring a small purse and only carry the absolute necessities — you don’t want your big ass bag stopping you from getting the best deals.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. This is imperative. I will never understand ladies who do Black Friday in five inch heels and mini skirts. Who raised you?

4. We recommend a sweatshirt with a hoodie — because you’re probably not going to want to do your hair that morning. Keep the hoodie up for optimal hair coverage and to protect your delicate cranial area from the errant blows of rabid shoppers.

To get the outfit we’ve pulled together:

Cashmere Blend Sweater Leggings, $49.99
Guatemala Fanny Pack, $12.99
T by Alexander Wang Classic Long Sleeve T, $81
Kohls Zip Front Hoodie, $14.99
Keds, $21.99