Hump Day Hottie: Rupert Friend From “Homeland”

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Fans of Showtime’s critically acclaimed drama “Homeland” know that the CIA-centric show can be counted on for edge-of-your-seat suspense and a wide variety of incredibly maleable Claire Danes facial expressions. For those of you have yet to start watching this incredible show, which is in its second season, allow me to present a third reason to watch: actor Rupert Friend, who plays CIA analyst Peter Quinn, or as I like to call him in the “Homeland” fan fic I am writing in my mind, “Agent Cheekbones.”

After the jump, some quick little factoids about Rupert…

1. He’s British, but uses an American accent on the show. This is useful information if you ever want to challenge your friends to a game of “Guess the Brit on ‘Homeland’.” (P.S. There are actually two Brits in the main cast — Damian Lewis, who plays Nicholas Brody, is also British.)

2. He dated Keira Knightley for years. I like to imagine they broke up because he saw her in “A Dangerous Method” and was like, “Dear God, woman, why?”

3. He used to have long lady hair. I have nothing against long hair on dudes — Eddie Vedder circa 1991 is my dream man — but I think his short hair makes him look even more chiseled.

4. He looks like a guy I used to make out with who, every time we got close to having sex, would change his mind because he was still in love with his lesbian ex-girlfriend. I do not hold this against Rupert, however.

5. He’s not Orlando Bloom, though they look kind of alike.

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