Today’s Lady News: Vigil For Savita On Tuesday At Irish Embassy In NYC

  • Pro-choice activists will hold a candelit vigil outside the Irish Consulate in New York City tomorrow evening to remember Savita Halappanavar. The 31-year-old Indian woman died in an Irish hospital last month because doctors refused to provide an abortion while she was miscarrying; she eventually died from blood poisoning.  The embassy is located at 345 Park Avenue and will begin at 6:30 p.m. More information about the vigil here.
  • Medical facilities (including those who provide abortions) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will now have a 20-foot buffer zone. It is intended to keep anti-abortion protesters from harassing patients as they enter and leave clinics. []
  • Health care providers for low-income women in Texas are going to appeal directly to the federal government for funding after being shut out by the conservative state legislature. [Texas Observer]
  • Six facts about Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the most powerful woman in the House of Representatives. [BuzzFeed]
  • The controversy over the contraception mandate in Obamacare rages on with a Christian publishing company. [Think Progress]
  • Weird observation about the 2012 election: a state’s fertility rate could predict which candidate the state went for. [ The Cut]
  • Several female Representatives are coming to the defense of UN ambassador Susan Rice, who Sen. John McCain (of Sarah Palin fame) had the audacity to say is “not qualified” to be Secretary of State. [Feministing]
  • Meet Tamar-Melissa Higgins, whose business incubator promotes women and minorities in tech. [Madame Noire]
  • Actress Geena Davis discusses her latest findings on gender roles in the media from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Where are all the single dads of color on TV? Is “Sister, Sister” all we get? [Bitch Magazine]


  • India is putting more pressure on Ireland for its abortion laws that lead to the death of Savita (see above). [New York Times]
  • Sweden has more than twice as many male prostitutes ages 16 to 25 than female prostitutes of the same age, according to a new study. [AP]
  • Cuba has elected its first openly trans woman to public office. [Queerty]
  • A Tibetan woman who set herself on fire Saturday afternoon to protest Chinese rule has died. [New York Times]

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