New App Rewards People For Not Texting During Movies

Today in “brilliant ideas that only exist because people are awful,” the most popular movie theater chain in the world, Cinemark, has debuted a new app to dissuade moviegoers from texting during movies. Here’s how it works: when a movie starts, people are prompted to use the Cinemark app to put their phones into “Cinemode.” The program tracks whether or not the cell phone was used during the movie; if you’re a good little girl or boy and manage to watch an entire movie without texting your friends or updating your Facebook status, you’ll be rewarded with a discount coupon for your next movie ticket.

I must say I’m partial to the movie theater ninjas being used in London, but as far as realistic solutions go, the anti-texting app seems like a good plan. Will a coupon be enough to convince people to ignore the tiny screen in their pocket for the giant screen directly in front of them that they paid 10 bucks to see? Only time will tell, I suppose. What do you think of this app? Will you be cashing in your good movie theater behavior for free coupons? [Yahoo Finance]