Journalists On Tour With Rihanna Revolt! Woman Takes FB Profile Shot With Turd!

  • Journalists and bloggers who were chosen to participate in and report from Rihanna’s tour plane — and were flown from Mexico City to Stockholm to London on a Boeing 777 — are protesting the way they’ve been treated. Alas, Rihanna doesn’t seem to care about “Hipster Con Air” (that’s what Julie just called the drama and I LOL’d). [Uptown Magazine]
  • Scotland’s new hero is a man in a giraffe suit! [Newser]
  • Random woman posts new Facebook profile photo in which she’s laying in a pile of leaves — then her friend helpfully points out a piece of poop visible in the upper right corner. [TruTV]
  • In honor of Movember, the best movie mustaches of all time. [Next Movie]
  • What is the Revenge Diet and why is it so dangerous? [YourTango]
  • The My Little Pony “Friendship is Magic” version of “The Lord of the Rings”… [The Mary Sue]
  • One mom’s story about how her son became obsessed with … butts? [Babble]
  • Why did so many men see the latest Twilight film, “Breaking Dawn: Part 2″? []