Puppy Pizza, For The Beer-Guzzling, Couch Potato, Totally Pampered Pet

In my experience, dogs and cats don’t really care what their food looks like. Rather, they just want to eat. And often. And while getting a snack straight from your plate is typically an extra special treat for a pup, it’s hard to say whether the time, energy and money that goes into creating Puppy Pizza — a pizza made specifically for dogs — is really, truly worth it. But alas, the fine people of Animal Outfitters in Buffalo, New York, have done just that — and created three varieties of pizza made especially for a dog. Dog owners and their spoiled pets can choose from bacon, pepperoni, or cheese “puppy” varieties. And, the pizza comes in a special pizza box (because your dog really, really cares about pizza authenticity.)

And if your dog gets particularly parched after eating all that pizza, you can also pick up some doggie beer from Animal Outfitters’ selection of dog-brewed beers (There’s a Duff Beer “needs more mutt” joke somewhere in there). It comes in chicken and beef flavors. [Buffalo Rising]