Woman’s Belly Button Piercing Snags On Pool Drain & Other Piercing Horror Stories

Cover your bellybutton before reading this:

A Colorado woman recently got her belly button piercing caught on a swimming pool drain. First of all, I hate this woman just because she is swimming in a pool in November. But second of all, OWWW. Fortunately the pool was only filled with six inches of water so her head was above water and she was never in danger of drowning. But her ring was painfully entangled in the drain plug for half an hour, which sounds unpleasant. Firefighters were finally called to drain the pool and free her navel.

This story is my nightmare of nightmares. You see, I once got my belly button ring stuck on the underside of a table (it had a curved lip) and it yannnnked when I stood up. It. Was. The. Most. Painful. Thing. Ever. That incident was one of the main reasons I took that particular piercing out. (Don’t worry, there’s still five others.)

Turns out I’m not the only one with a painful piercing horror story — here’s all the awfulness that has happened to the Frisky staff and our various holes-from-poor-life-choices:

I got the cartilage of my ear pierced and it got embedded in my ear and I had to get it removed.  In high school the ear piercing on my right ear split apart and I had to get my ear sewn back up. — Ami

I’m super-sensitive and infection-prone, so these are not at all normal scenarios, but I got my cartilage pierced when I was like 15 and it got SO infected. My entire ear was red and the area around the piercing was SO swollen that you couldn’t even see the stud, it was so inflamed. I don’t remember what happened exactly but I no longer have that piercing. Also, I had my nose pierced and it got pretty infected. It seemed to be healing at one point, but then I went tubing and no longer had a ring in it afterwards. Who knows what happened. — Rachel

I got my belly button pierced the weekend after I turned 18. A month later (when it was still fresh and healing) I went on an organized teen trip to Poland & Israel. While in Poland, we were cautioned to use bottled water to brush our teeth with, but I didn’t think anything of showering with a still-healing belly piercing and ended up with the worst infection ever. The skin around the piercing swelled up to roughly the size of a thimble, had turn red, hot to the touch, and was incredibly painful. I had to have the doctor who came along as a chaperone drain it as well (yuck). It eventually cleared up after lots of warm salt water compresses and antibiotics, but man, was it awful. — Avital

When I was in high school, I got my ears pierced at Claire’s by two shaky-handed women who stood on either side of me, each holding a piercing gun, debating about whether they would pull the trigger “on 3″ or after saying “1, 2, 3.” Needless to say, the holes are in totally different places and one of them sort of tunnels through my cartilege in a couple different directions that I must navigate if I want to wear earrings, so yeah, every day of my life is a piercing horror story. — Winona

Oh man, this is making me feel freakin’ lucky that my tongue piercing never got infected. I don’t even want to think about it.

Tell us your piercing tales of woe in the comments. If the memory doesn’t hurt too much, of course.

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