Camille Paglia Discusses “Real Housewives”‘s Sexual Power On “Watch What Happens”

I guess it figures that the only time Bravo’s “Watch What Happens” had a discussion about radical feminism the two guests were:

  1. A “Real Housewife.”
  2. Camille Paglia.

Here’s Paglia on why the “Housewives” ladies should be celebrated for the “fabulosity of their sexual power.” After the jump, she continues to criticize second-wave feminism. 

You know, I actually agree with some of what Paglia is saying here about how equality between the sexes doesn’t mean that women’s sexuality (and the power that comes from it, sometimes) has to be neutered. Feminism is men and women having equal opportunities to make choices, not about erasing femininity so women can be more like men because men are better. But, still, I just find this whole “Housewives”-and-feminism discussion pretty ridiculous.  Especially Andy Cohen’s “we’re having a serious academic discussion” voice:

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