The Top 10 Ways Men And Women Dump Each Other

A survey done at through a UK dating site found the top ten breakup lines men and women use. Dating pros, I’m sure you’ve either heard these all or used them yourself. I feel the world’s longest eye roll coming on. And P.S. This is a wake-up call, we need to start coming up with some more original ways to dump each other because we suck at it. Find out what they are after the jump. For extra fun, take a shot for each line you’ve heard or used. I predict you’ll be wasted by the end of the list.

1. I’m not ready for a commitment.
2. This is going too fast for me.
3. You don’t make enough money.
4. You’re not mature enough.
5. I need to concentrate on my career.
6. I don’t like your family/friends.
7. It’s just not working.
8. We’re not going to get married, so what’s the point?
9. We haven’t got enough in common.
10. I don’t trust you.

1. It’s just not working.
2. I met someone else.
3. I’m not attracted to you anymore.
4. We’ve lost the sexual spark.
5. It’s not you, it’s me.
6. I need to concentrate on my career.
7. We want different things.
8. I don’t want to see you anymore.
9. I’m not ready for a commitment yet.
10. We haven’t got enough in common.

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