RIP Society: Cops Thwart “Twilight” Movie Theater Massacre In Missouri

Police in Missouri have disbanded an alleged plot by a 20-year-old man named Blaec Lammers to shoot up a screening of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part Two” in the same way as this summer’s shooting in Aurora, Colorado, during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.” Lammers had purchased a ticket for a screening of “Breaking Dawn, Part Two” in Bolivar, MS MO, and had two assault rifles with 400 rounds of ammo. He was charged on Friday with making a terrorist threat, first-degree assault, and criminal action.

Thankfully it was Lammers’ mother who alerted the police about her son’s intentions to cause a massacre this weekend. He confessed to police that he was “off his medications,” had “homicidal thoughts” and planned to shoot up both the theater, which is located at a Wal-mart.

This is extremely scary, but I am so grateful this mother did the right thing and went to police. Had she been too far in denial or afraid of the social stigma and kept to herself, who knows how many innocent people may have died this weekend.

Let’s just fucking cut it out with the movie theater massacres, okay?

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