Gwyneth Paltrow Designs GOOP Nail Polish For Butter London

Another day, another way Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP-y GOOP-dom is GOOPing into your life. Now she’s got herself a line of GOOP-inspired Butter London nail polishes.

The three colors are Bread & Butter Pudding (a beige nude), Hampstead Heath (glittery peridot green), and Abso-bloodly-lutely (a brownish red). The polishes are available for $36 on, only as a trio, which is a shame because 2/3s of the shades are fugs.

Of course, this will have social repercussions.  Now when Kim and Gwyn are hanging out backstage with Beyoncé at Jay-Z concerts and Kim’s all, “I got a million zillion dollars from my OPI nail polish line!”, Gwynnie can just stare down at her Bread & Butter Pudding manicure and wrinkle her nose.

[ via Lucky Magazine]

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