Fall Beauty How-To: Kristen Stewart’s Golden Smoky Eye

We’re reaching the point of the year wherein I refuse to leave my bed at any and all costs because it is so damn cold. There unfortunately aren’t too many upsides to late fall as far as I’m concerned, aside from pretty scarves, outerwear, and, like, wool tights, but none of these things are enough to get me out from under the comforter every morning. But do you know what is? Eyeshadow! I pretty much forget about the stuff when the temperature rises above 50 degrees, because no matter how much primer I slap on or powder I dust on top, it is going to be dripping down my sorry face in a few minutes time.

With the most bloody of celebrations (yay, Thanksgiving!) on deck, I’ve been searching for inspiration to fuel a festive fall eye, and I finally found it in Kristen Stewart’s gilded take on a smoky eye. She paired it with a gorgeous, quite revealing gown, but this look is equally suited to your Thanksgiving best, even if your Thanksgiving best happens to be your best pair of sweatpants. Find out how to get Kristen’s look, after the jump!

Kristen’s makeup artist Jillian Dempsey used Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow in 79 Spices for this eye look, but you can replicate the effect just by using shades of shimmery taupe, gold, and a deeper brown — I like Urban Decay eyeshadow singles in Suspect, Blunt, and Secret Service respectively.

  • Using a soft, fluffy regular shadow brush (like Sephora Collection Classic All Over Shadow Brush) to layer the taupe shade over the entire lid, creating a rounded almond shape from the inner to outer corner and just below the brow bone. Layer until the color is opaque, then use the same brush to dust the gold shadow over the entire lid, focusing on the area from the inner corner to the outer middle-end of the lid.
  • Blend the darkest shade into the crease of the lid using a brush (like Sephora Collection Classic Rounded Crease Brush), diffusing it outward to create depth. Using the same shade, use a small liner brush (like Sephora Collection Pro Bent Liner Brush) to lightly line the upper and lower lash lines, blending the color to create more of a soft shadowy outline than a sharply defined eye.
  • Using a smaller focused smudge brush (like Sephora Collection Pro Smudge Brush), blend the gold shadow into the inner corners, pulling it around the tear duct and to the bottom of the eye to blend with the darker lined shadow.
  • Curl lashes (don’t place the curler too close to the lid so as not to smudge the shadow) and apply a volumizing black mascara to desired effect. If you want to recreate Kristen’s full look, use a bold berry-pink lipstick.