What’s The Worst Place You’ve Barfed?

Sometimes barf happens. And sometimes it happens at the most unfortunate times and in the most unfortunate places. It was pretty bad when  some guy barfed on Jessica on the subway. But we see her subway barf and raise her this theater balcony barf. Last night, at the Broadway show “Grace,” some poor soul vomited over the balcony and into the orchestra section of the theater. Below is an account of the incident from one of the audience members:

Last night I was at the Cort Theater seeing the play Grace. In the middle of the show there was quite the ruckus. After hearing a loud gasp several people got up and left the theater, followed by several more. During all of this the actors carried on as best they could. At the end of the show, the cast came out for curtain calls, and just before making their call for $$ for Actors Equity fights Aids fund, Paul Rudd told us that someone in the balcony had vomited onto those in the orchestra.

I would say I’m surprised, but I went to see a Broadway show last week and they were selling an entire bottle of wine in a sippy cup for $20. I think there’s a good chance that the vomiter in question was wasted. No one needs to drink that much wine during a play. No one.

OK! It’s time to share your crazy vomit stories. What’s the worst place you’ve blown chunks? And if that was you who tossed cookies over the balcony at “Grace,” we hope you’re feeling better. [Gothamist]