Today’s WTF News: Weed Dealer Donates Half His Moolah To Hurricane Sandy Relief

  • A Brooklyn-based marijuana dealer has donated half of his earnings to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. That is, like, soooo awesome, man. [The Stir]
  • My life was meaningless before I discovered all these Bill Cosby GIFs. []
  • Needlepoint isn’t just a hobby for grannies! Here are some weird examples of needlepoint you might appreciate… [College Candy]
  • I am a big Brussels sprouts fan, so this funky video tribute to the veg really speaks to me. [TruTV]
  • What’s weirder than Steven Tyler’s face contorting into all sorts of odd expressions? Not much. [Modern Man]
  • I didn’t really realize that Elmo has a scandal-ridden history, but apparently the sex allegations against puppeteer Kevin Clash are just the latest in a string of bad PR for the lovable red Muppet. [YourTango]