There Is No God: Chris Brown Gets A Big Deal Modeling Contract

Chris's Awesome Tattoo
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Chris Waxes Philosophical
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Today in NOOOOOOOO: Chris Brown, singer or something and otherwise all-around spawn of Satan, has been signed to the artist management division of Wilhelmina International, the modeling agency representing such popular faces as supermodel Coco Rocha, plus-size star Robyn Lawley, and, uh, Kendall Jenner. The highly-regarded agency will seek to score fashion and beauty endorsements and licenses for the infamous pop star. (Is he a pop star? Seriously, I have no clue. I’ve never heard any of his songs besides “Birthday Cake,” which is an insult to humanity and also people with ears all over the world.) I wonder how that ill-advised neck tattoo of a horribly battered woman will play into his modeling career? In the most basic of terms: fucking gag. [WWD]

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