That’s A Lot Of Look: Kristen Stewart Feels Pretty Confident About Her Bellybutton

I inexplicably fall more in love with Kristen Stewart with each passing day (I know, I know, I’m still coming to terms with it myself), but that still doesn’t mean I want to look at her bellybutton. Maybe it’s her surprisingly deft post-scandal rebound or the end of the “Twilight” series, but between her nude (like, actually nude) gown and this bellbottom jumpsuit mess (also courtesy of Zuhair Muhad), Kristen is all like, “LOOK AT MY BODY, BITCHES.” I think the baroque black lace is incredibly beautiful (though, yes, a bit “Twilight” On Ice), but it all goes downhill from, um, there down. This whole look is kind of appalling, but with that said, Kristen is young, beautiful, and all willowy-limbed and stuff, so I am going to let the girl have her transparent bodysuits without criticism. For the most part.