Men Are Merry-Less in Sexist Christmas Ad

Add one more advertisement to the slew of commercials stereotyping men and women. Asda, a British supermarket, debuted a new ad for the Christmas holidays, featuring a mother running herself ragged, creating the perfect Christmas for her family. Because, you know, that’s what all women do.

Throughout the commercial, we only see her (presumed) husband a couple of times, getting denied the tree picking task, being woken up by his kids, and toasting the meal (that his wife slaved away over) at the head of the table, the Superwoman forced to sit on a bean bag chair at her own table. By the end of the commercial, I had second-hand fatigue just from watching her whirl.

After many complaints for the ad as being sexist, Asda came forward with a half-assed apology, saying that “it wasn’t [their] intention to offend anyone.” 

Not only does this advertisement suggest that women do all the domestic labor when it comes to Christmas preparations, it also portrays men as suffering from “Doofus Husband Syndrome,” where they are unable to make decisions related to the home.

An advertisement like this is disrespectful to both men and women who share equal parts in Christmas preparations, among many other household duties. Nor does it give the mom in the commercial the recognition that she deserves. Something tells me she’s going to be stuck doing the dishes too.


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