Beauty Test Drive: Moroccan Argan Oil Body Lotion

My history of drugstore impulse purchases has definitely been hit and miss. I have approximately $500 worth of greasy hair potions stashed in my bathroom cabinet that is proof of the “miss” part, but sometimes my tendency to wander the aisles of Walgreens late at night and buy whatever random beauty product catches my eye pays off. Exhibit A: this Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body Lotion…

Price/Availability: $8, Drugstores

Packaging: You guys, I am only marginally ashamed to admit that the only reason I bought this lotion was because of the pretty package. I didn’t particularly need another body lotion, but the color combination of teal and gold caught my eye, and then once I saw the words “argan oil” on the bottle I was sold. It adds a fabulous pop of color to my bathroom counter, and like all Organix products, the bottle is made from recycled resin, so it’s earth-friendly too.

Formula: How would I describe this formula? Creamy, smooth, light, heavenly. But the best part is how quickly it sinks into your skin and how long the soft, hydrated feeling lasts. I slather it on my legs after shaving, and it gives them a gorgeous sheen without any stickiness. Even though it’s a drugstore product, the formula feels totally luxurious, and the results are on par with other body lotions I’ve tried that costs three or four times as much.

Scent: The fragrance is actually pretty strong for a lotion, but I don’t care because it smells divine. A warm combination of argan oil and rice milk, with sweet notes from sugar cane and willow bark, the scent lingers for a couple hours after application. If you’re a perfume junkie, this miiiight compete a bit with your signature scent, but as someone who doesn’t wear perfume on a daily basis, this lotion gives me the perfect hint of fragrance.

Overall: If fall weather has your skin looking dry and dull, I would highly recommend this lotion. Whenever I put it on I feel like I’m giving myself a spa treatment, and for less than $10 for a bottle, I’d say that’s a hell of a deal.

Rating: 5/5

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