Pat Robertson Blames Paula Broadwell For Petraeus Affair

This guy. This fuckin’ guy. Right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson has made it clear that he does not blame David Petraeus for the extramarital affair that led him to resign from his postion as director of the CIA. No, Robertson says his mistress/biographer Paula Broadwell is the one at fault, implying that she initiated the affair (though there has been no evidence to support that) and that Petraeus was unable to resist her advances. Speaking on his show “The 700 Club,” his show, Robertson excused Petraeus’ conduct as understandable because “the man’s off in a foreign land and he’s lonely and here’s a good-looking lady throwing herself at him. He’s a man.” Putting aside the fact that Robertson is just making stuff up (we don’t know who threw themselves as whom), the idea that any man, particularly a four-star general, is too weak to resist the charms of a woman and is therefore not to blame for succumbing to those temptations is utterly ridiculous. For the record, I don’t care that Petraeus had an affair (although if there was a breach in national security, that’s a whole other issue) and I certainly don’t think  it’s worth our time debating who is to “blame” for two adults having consensual sex. Both of them, end of story. Moving on now. [Think Progress]