Hump Day Hottie: Jon Bernthal From “The Walking Dead” & The Upcoming “L.A. Noir”

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This past weekend, I finally succumbed to peer pressure and curiosity and started watching “The Walking Dead.” Three days and 20+ hours in, I am now at the start of the show’s current season. I am planning on being all caught up by the time the next new episode airs on Sunday. Tragically, however, my favorite character — i.e. the character I would most want to bang during the zombie apocalypse — Shane was killed off at the end of season two. Yes, Shane was crazy, but he was also so hunky. If only he could have kept a level head and realized that Lori was not worth his time! Sigh. Anyway, just because Shane is no longer among the group of survivors stabbing walkers through the brain on “The Walking Dead” doesn’t mean I can’t go on appreciating the man who portrayed him, Jon Bernthal.

Wikipedia tells me that Jon is married, because of course he is, he is gorgeous and gorgeous men don’t stay single long. He also runs a non-profit called Drops Fills Buckets, “an impact-driven, entrepreneurial approach to making a difference,”  which seems rather vague, but he’s a do-gooder and that just makes him hotter.

Jon is, thankfully, not done with the small screen — he’s the lead actor in the upcoming TNT show “L.A. Noir,” a crime show set in the ’40s and ’50s about the Los Angeles police department’s war with a local mob leader. Jon plays a marine turned cop, which means we’ll be seeing a lot of him in uniform, droooooool. I also hope that there’s a love interest involved, so that we get to see him plenty shirtless too. Do they do nudity on TNT? They’d better.