Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: Brody Has Regrets & Dexter Has A Lady Problem

Sorry, a day late on the “Dexter” and “Homeland” recaps — but I have a surprise! First of all, I’m so over “Revenge.” I have a new Sunday TV love and it’s called “The Walking Dead.” I have devoted every waking, non-working moment to catching up on the series and with just five episodes to go, I’ll be adding the show to my recapping roster starting next week. But for now, Sunday night’s episodes of “Dexter” and “Homeland”…

“Dexter.” When we last left off, Dexter had opted out of killing blonde temptress Hannah McKay in favor of fucking her on his kill table instead. Hot! But where does that leave them now? “This can never happen again,” they agree. Too bad true crime writer Sal Price already knows what Dexter knows, which is that Hannah was actually a willing accomplice to her murderer ex boyfriend, Wayne Randall. He had someone else analyze the crime scene results Dexter purposefully botched, and it proved her culpability. Price shares this bit of info with Deb — who assumes Dexter’s goal was to save Hannah for his table. (And it was! Until his penis got in the way.) Price meets with Hannah in hopes of getting her cooperation with his next book.

Meanwhile, Dexter breaks into Price’s home and deletes all of his Hannah files (although, I would think a writer like Price also has those files backed up somewhere, but I digress). Dexter wants Price out of his hair — for both his and Hannah’s sake — so his plan is to frame the writer for a murder. Too bad Hannah got to him first and, duh, took care of him in her way — by poisoning him. She has no code, remember? (Although I don’t think Harry would approve of Dexter framing an innocent man for murder, but whatever.) While Dexter would normally see Hannah as a perfect target, her acceptance of who he is is getting in the way of his own code — Rita was clueless, Lila aspired it for herself, Lumin needed it, and Deb was, at most, tolerant. But Hannah sees and accepts him for who he is — isn’t that love? Well, it’s certainly the one thing that can get Dexter’s dick up because he and Hannah end up fucking again. Yay!

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In the scene above, Carrie meets Brody in a clearing behind a fancy pants house where he’s attending a fundraising benefit for the presidential campaign. She assures him that the Mike situation is handled and suddenly the two aren’t able to keep their hands off each other. Brody is a good kisser, I can tell. This relationship of theirs is so supremely fucked up, I don’t know how it could ever work, and yet … I kind of want it to. Will Carrie ever feel like she can trust Brody? And will Brody ever stop feeling “handled”? Remains to be seen.

Later on in the episode, Dana, Brody’s angsty teenage daughter, confessed to that hit-and-run she and VP son Finn Walden were involved in. The VP and his wife obviously want to keep it a secret, while Brody and Jess agree with Dana that they should go to the police. The moral choice, no doubt, but if Brody goes to the police, the CIA fears the cops will fuck up their undercover operation. Carrie once again shows up and stops Brody and Dana from heading into the police station. Dana is deeply disappointed in her dad. Oh, she has nooooo idea.

Other noteworthy happenings in this episode: Saul tries to get Aileen Morgan, one half of that terrorist sympathizing couple from the first season — who’s rotting away in a windowless jail cell — to identify the man Roya met with last episode. She plays upon Saul’s kindness and, when his back is turned, kills herself. Poor Saul can’t get a break.