“All Up In My Snatch” Is The Name Of David Petraeus Biography, Says Asleep-At-The-Wheel News Outlet

Ahhh, the David Petraeus scandal just keeps getting better and better. So, ABC News Denver did a lil’ news segment about Petraeus and his biographer/mistress Paula Broadwell, in which they put up this image of her book about the now ex-CIA Director. Except they clearly got that image from the internet because Broadwell’s book is called All In not ALL UP IN MY SNATCH. Listen, I have been duped plenty of times by things I’ve found on the internet and thought were real, but if I was writing a piece about the CIA Director’s affair with his biographer and some rando image I found on the internet said the name of her book was All Up In My Snatch, I like to think I would have thought, Hmm, what a hilariously odd and sexual and inappropriate name for a serious book. Mayhaps I shall factcheck the name of her book using the Google. Amazing work, ABC News Denver. (See the actual news segment after the jump!) [HyperVocal]