Fox News Anchor Calls Rachel Maddow “An Angry Young Man”

  • A Fox TV anchor in Cincinatti, Ohio, named Tricia Macke has apologized for calling MSNBC talk show host Rachel Maddow “an angry young man.” Gurl, you do not mess with my Rachel. [After Ellen]
  • Sell those Thin Mints, girls! Sixty percent of women in the new Congress were Girl Scouts as children. [Mother Jones]
  • On white girls wearing Native American headdresses as “fashionable” fun. [Racialicious]
  • A man who raped an 18-year-0ld special needs student in the back of Los Angeles city bus has been arrested. The 20-year-old man apparently followed the woman onto the bus as she was traveling home alone from class and attacked her without anyone else on the bus noticing. [Los Angeles Times]
  • A Florida woman has died after being set on fire by her husband this August in a shocking incident of domestic abuse. [Orlando Sentinel]
  • Susan Jeffers, a psychologist who wrote the famous self-help book Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway, died at 74. [New York Times]
  • Ellen Douglas, a novelist who wrote about Southern women’s lives, has died at 91. [New York Times]


  • A 19-year-old lesbian was murdered in South Africa. [Gay Star News]
  • UNICEF has marked November 10 as “Malala Day” to recognize the pursuit of equality in education for girls in honor of the 14-year-old Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai who was shot by the Taliban last month. [New York Times]
  • Kenya plans to ban “bride payments,” or dowries, which are usually cows. The country is also noodling plans to consider couples who co-habitate with each other for longer than six months legally married in the eyes of the law. [BBC]
  • Uganda is expected to pass a bill criminalizing homosexuality before the end of 2012. [Seattle Times]
  • One month after the first abortion clinic opened in Belfast, Northern Ireland, pro-choice activists held a massive rally in support of women’s reproductive rights … [BBC]
  • … oh, but there were anti-abortion protesters as well! [TIME]
  • A photograph of an abused, drug addicted Ukrainian prostitute has won a photographer the top World Press Photo prize. [New York Daily News]
  • A men’s magazine in India published each year for the holiday of Diwali focuses on how men can improve family relationships. [New York Times]
  • Valerie Eliot, the executor of her late husband T.S. Eliot’s estate, died at 86. [Guardian UK]

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