Couple Divorces Because Husband Won’t Reenact “50 Shades Of Grey”

Here’s a … unique … reason for getting a divorce: a British couple’s split has been prompted by the husband’s unwillingness to reenact the sexy sex from the BDSM erotica novel, 50 Shades Of Grey.

Fretting over her husband’s low libido, the banker wife purchased 50 Shades Of Grey — and some new lingerie — right after it was published.  But her hubster was none too keen on the Red Room of Pain. The Daily Mail UK quotes the wife’s lawyer:

She thought their sex life had hit a rut – he never remembered Valentine’s Day and he never complimented her on her appearance. So she bought sexy underwear in an attempt to get her husband more involved. She said, ‘Let’s make things more interesting.’ But when he still didn’t take any notice she told him he had a boring attitude to sex and she was fed up. He went ballistic when he found out the name of the book she  was reading and told her, ‘It’s all because you have been reading that bloody book.

Of the five different reasons that British couples can cite when filing for divorce, she called this “unreasonable behavior.” Fortunately for her, the husband agrees … although it’s not clear whether he agreed it’s unreasonable not to tie your wife up during a romp in the sack, or whether dating someone who liked the godawful writing in 50 Shades is the problem.

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