Pizza Boy Rapist Gave Disturbing Confession

In September, a 16-year-old New York City youth named Cesar Lucas was arrested after he delivered a pizza for his father’s pizzeria.  Cear took his order to a building on the Upper West Side, wandered around until he found an open apartment, and raped a sleeping woman as her child lay a child at her side. He entered her apartment at 12:30a.m. and sexually assaulted her until she woke up and threw him off her. Before leaving the apartment, he stole money from a purse as well.  Lucas has been indicted on charges of burglary, endangering a child, sex abuse and rape. Now the New York Post has his two-page confession … and it’s pretty disturbing.

Most notably (other than the horrible grammar and spelling) is that throughout the confession, Cesar goes back and forth from referring to himself in the first- and third-person. He refers to himself as having a “disease.”

Cesar claims his sleeping victim was “horny” and “completely drunk.” He writes, “I was really pretty scare [sic] because she was drunk and [I] kind of took advantage of her.”

He also claims they had a conversation (which the victim, who threw him out of her apartment, denies), which makes one wonder what that was all about.

Here are the salient pieces, although you can read the full confession here:

“Cesar got type of disea in away he never had felted before. Cesar didn’t realized what kind of thing he was about to do or make. …So then him self starts to check for open apartment. He found the woman sleeping with her daughter by her self. So then he approach her with this type of feelings that he just never had felted before, which lead him to do thing he would never think he would do in his life. So I unrap her from all the coushing she had on top of her and see her vegiana. He take his penius out and she felted in a type away that she also started to feel horny, you can say. … So then Cesar starts having a short talk with the girl because she was completely drunk she could bearly talk corecty. … I was really pretty scare because she was drunk and kind of took advantage of her.”

I think a couple of things about this situation, namely that it is telling to me how he woke up a sleeping woman, who was surely groggy and panicked, and twice calls her “drunk” and once “horny.” Not confused-in-bed-and- just-woken-up, but drunk and horny. As if that would have been a good excuse even if he hadn’t broken into her apartment and raped her? It says to me that even a teenaged boy has gotten the message loud and clear that drunk women can’t get raped because, you know, they were drunk and they wanted it.  Of course, after the incident, Cesar’s mother defended her son in The New York Post and also suggested the victim was “drunk.” (Lots of drunk moms apparently have sex with teen pizza delivery boys while their child sleeps next to them in bed.)

It’s also noteworthy that Cesar had been arrested previously for breaking into someone’s apartment. That break-in also occurred on a pizza delivery, yet he was still employed by his dad’s pizza parlor. I’m able to understand why parents may be in denial about their child’s mental illness, if that is, in fact, what part of Cesar’s problem is. But what kind of person allows an employee (let alone an employee who is also their son!) who commits a crime during work to continue on with their job as if it won’t happen again? (One thought: perhaps Cesar was contributing to the family income, but still.) I wouldn’t be surprised if the pizzeria now gets sued, on top of all these charges against Cesar Lucas.

It’s an extremely sad story all around.

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