What Do You Do To Avoid Sexual Assault And Harassment?

  • Wow, everyone: Project Unspoken at Emory University put together this amazing video in which it asked both men and women on camera what actions they take on a daily basis to avoid sexual assault and harassment. Not surprisingly, the men say they do nothing … and the women go on and on and on and on.  Seriously, watch this video. It’s very powerful. [Feministing]
  • INTERPOL has elected its first-ever female president, Mireille Ballestrazzi. [The Mary Sue]
  • I don’t talk as much about “intersectionalism” as I probably should — that is, recognizing that oppression is all intersectional and that feminist activism must never ignore class, race, sexual orientation, etc. — so this “Intersectionalism 101″ blog post is probably a good place to start if you want to learn more about it. [Nerdy Feminist]
  • On the wide poverty gap between women and men. [The Atlantic]
  • Four ways in which women won the 2012 election. [TIME]
  • Blogger Amanda Marcotte from Slate on why President Obama won in part because he aggressively defended reproductive rights. Feministing co-founder Jessica Valenti also chimes in with her take. [Slate, The Nation]
  • Ninety-percent of lesbian and gay folks who voted in the presidential election voted for President Obama, according to a new poll. [Gay Star News]
  • How black LGBT women have fought to become visible. [Clutch Magazine]
  • On black women, black criticism, and the unremovable veil of Jezebel. [The Feminist Wire via Racialicious]
  • The city of San Francisco voted unanimously to remove exclusions of transgender people from a health care program. [Think Progress]
  • Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair is undergoing trial at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, on sexual assault charges. [News Observer]
  • Feminist burnout, anyone? Here’s a lesson in self-care for women’s rights defenders. [Gender Focus]


  • Women in Saudi Arabia’s governmental advisory body will have to be separated by screens and debate with their colleagues through it. [Daily Mail UK]
  • There will be zero women in leadership positions within Syria’s main opposition group. [Seattle Times]
  • Swedish girl students are surpassing their male counterparts in school, according to new data from the National Agency for Education. [The Local]
  • Chinese journalist and author Han Suyin, who repeatedly defended the country’s Communist government, died at 95. [Arts Journal]

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