Story Of A Boy And His Cat Set To Become A Movie

Everybody has a story, and nobody is a bigger illustration of that than James Bowen. Londoners probably passed Bowen dozens of times a day, not realizing that the young street busker battled a heroin addiction and homelessness before becoming an unlikely celebrity — thanks to his constant companion, an orange tabby named Bob. Bowen found Bob almost six years ago, starving and injured, and took him in. After nursing him back to health, he took Bob with him (on a leash), as he made his rounds as a street busker. Bob helped Bowen make extra cash, and also helped him stay off heroin; the former addict realized he’d need to be responsible now that he was looking after another life. “It’s all down to him. For the first time, I felt like I had family,” said Bowen, who is estranged from his human family. “It gave me the determination to make my life more comfortable, to make his life better, too.”

The story of their friendship inspired Bowen to pen the book A Street Cat Named Bob. The book went on to become a blockbuster, selling more than 250,000 copies, and Bob the Cat now has more than 12,000 Twitter followers. Now James and his cat are set to become screen legends, as Bob gets made into a film. But James says he and Bob aren’t ready to stop busking yet. “I still love busking, and so does Bob. We’ll always do it. I could never say I was his owner. We’re partners.” Tears! [Daily Mail]