The Top 10 Moments & Reactions From Last Night’s Election Coverage

Between tweeting from two accounts (The Frisky’s and my own), updating the liveblog with election results, and bouncing back and forth between the networks, I somehow managed to keep my sanity last night as the presidential election was decided. Here are 10 moments you might have missed…

           1. Diane Sawyer seemed kinda sloshed over at ABC.

           2. Karl Rove was pissed Fox News called Ohio for Obama, saying it was “premature.”

3. This awesome lady stuck an American flag in her hair.

4. Donald Trump called for a “Revolution!” via Twitter  (and then deleted it).

5. Sarah Palin debuted new bangs!

6. A rumor that spread as fact on Twitter declared that Elizabeth Warren had won the Senate seat in Massachusetts well before any of the networks had actually called it.

7. “Saturday Night Live” alum and complete crazy person Victoria Jackson declared that American has died.

           8. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews shockingly stuck his foot in his mouth and said he’s “so glad we had that storm last week.” You know, Hurricane Sandy, the storm that killed over 100 people and destroyed many peoples’ homes? He means politically of course. FACEPALM.

9. The Empire State Building was lit up to reflect the changing results. In the end it was all blue.

10. And Beyonce was all…