One Dress, Worn Three Ways

You know how it is — you get all excited about a dress, but then it sits in your closet and basically rots while you figure out how to wear it. This happens to me all the time. But never fear, we’ve got a plan to help you make the most out of what you’ve got. I like to buy rather basic dresses, so they can be worn fancy or casual, depending on your mood and desires. And for this experiment, I’ve picked a pretty plain A-line blue dress (blue is the new black, after all).

For our first look, we’ve decided to transform this dress into a skirt, by pairing it with a sweater and button up. By doing this, you’ve at least doubled your wardrobe options!

Deep Blue Scene Dress, $47.99
Equipment Sloane Crew Sweater, $268
Sequin Collar Cotton Shirt, $19.99
Forever 21 Diamond Pattern Tights, $7.80
Arizona Harper Motorcyle Boots, $45

Check out two more twists on this dress below!

Deep Blue Scene Dress, $47.99
Pleated Chiffon Full Skirt, $69.50
Nine West Chunky Heeled Pump, $69.99
Adele Marie Lace And Pearl Ribbon Necklace, $49.25

Deep Blue Scene Dress, $47.99
Iris and Ink Cashmere Cardigan, $198
Messeca Maru Lace Up, $100.26
Banana Republic Sparkle Statement Necklace, $89