WE∆THER Is About To Make Your Morning Routine Much Easier

Fact: dressing oneself gets more and more difficult as the year progresses. While as little clothing as possible is always a safe bet for those middle months, come October every single outfit must be chosen with the day’s forecast in mind … and we know full well that a numerical temperature and, like, an icon of a cloud does absolutely nothing for the situation at hand. What we really want it to tell us is: how many layers should we wear? Is it a wool tights day, or a jeans day? Do we need a scarf? Gloves? A hat? There are just so many variables, and there’s obviously a demand for this type of service (right?). I was just about ready to create the solution myself.

But guess what? Someone went ahead and beat me to the all-encompassing weather app punch (and thank god they did, because I would have not a clue how to actually make it happen). Digital product designer Jacob Heftmann teamed up with his programmer friend Jack Pearkes to create WE∆THER, the answer to all your “what the hell should I wear today” needs. They’ll even hook you up with exactly what you should be wearing — if the items are out of your price range (they’re definitely out of mine), substitute with a similar item from your own closet. It’s that easy, and totally nixes the thirty minutes in the morning you (I) spend deliberating about what to wear and how much of it. You can spend way more time lingering in bed this way. [WE∆THER]

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