“Girl Meets World” And 10 Other ’90s Sitcom Spinoffs We’d Like To See

Have you heard the glorious news? Disney has commissioned a pilot from “Boy Meets World” creator Michael Jacobs for a spinoff called “Girl Meets World.” The best part? Rumor has it that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel (aka Cory and Topanga) will be reuniting to play the main character’s parents. So awesome, right? These new developments got us thinking of other ’90s sitcom sequels and spinoffs we’d like to see. Check out our show proposals, after the jump…

“Sabrina The Middle-Aged Witch.” Can Sabrina navigate PTA drama without using magic? And how will she answer questions about the fact that her cat hasn’t aged a day in 20 years?

“The Fresher Prince of Bel-Air.” Carlton Banks’ son Carl Jr. gets in one little fight, his dad gets scared, and, in a shocking twist of fate, sends him to live with his cousin Will, who resides in a mansion in Bel-Air and totally has his shit together.

“12 Steps By Step.” A dark follow-up to “Step By Step” that takes place in Cody’s van, which is now parked under a bridge in San Diego.

“Not-So-Full House.” The Tanner sisters move into a fabulous condo in LA while their father deals the emotional ramifications of empty nest syndrome.

“Third Becky.” This “Roseanne” spinoff would follow the third incarnation of daughter Becky Connor as she struggles with her sense of identity.

“Family Still Matters.” Urkel realizes his dream of marrying Laura Winslow, they move into their own house, and must figure out how to deal with an obnoxious female neighbor named Girl-kel.

“Ferguson Explains It All.” Clarissa’s conniving little brother Ferguson narrates a show about his life as a morally bankrupt hedge fund manager in New York City.

“Dinosaurs: Evolution.” Not only did the Sinclair family survive the Ice Age, they’ve successfully evolved into modern-day birds.

“Sister, Sister, Brother, Brother.” Both Tia and Tamara have twins–one set of boys, one set of girls–and another generation of twin-related hilarity ensues.

“Self Improvement.” Al Borland from “Home Improvement” goes on an “Eat, Pray, Love”-style journey around Michigan in search of great food, the perfect flannel shirt, and inner peace.

What ’90s sitcoms do you miss the most? Are you excited for the “Boy Meets World” spinoff?