While People Suffer Post-Sandy, Fashion People Continue To Be Horrible

Hey guys, I know there was a hurricane last week that displaced hundreds of thousands of people within the tri-state area, but the real sufferers? The fashion elite. While the poors had to negotiate finding their next meal and acquiring adequate clothing and shelter, downtown fashionistas had to trudge all the way to the Upper East Side to do cocaine.

Yes, that’s right. There is a hurricane story for all of us, even the desperately clueless, self-involved fashion set.

This past weekend, there was not one, but three news stories chronicling how the other, richer, fashion-y set live in the midst of the storm. Apparently they’re all at the stuffy uptown hotel The Carlyle, where they’ve more or less taken over, displacing rich hedge-funders and finance guys from their usual tables. And OMG! Vogue’s Anna Wintour and former Vogue-r Carine Roitfeld were both at the same hotel — The Mark — during the storm! Stop the fucking presses!

It’s a downtown / uptown war!

The Cut’s coverage of the uptown fashion people migration featured one patron who noted that you can even openly snort cocaine in the bathroom. How downtown!

And Fashionista’s Dhani Mau blithely points out: “It’s undeniable: Uptown Manhattan has never been cooler than it is right now.” Uptown Manhattan, was also one of the few parts of the city with reliable power and resources last week. Wrote Mau of the scene:

“I stopped by The Carlyle last night for a drink around 8 expecting to be surrounded by upper east side regulars and maybe a couple of the fashion people and celebrities rumored to be holed up in the iconic hotel. Instead, I felt like I was at a downtown fashion week after party. Even people I didn’t recognize looked like they’d never set foot above 23rd street. And people I did–Johan Lindeberg, Erin Fetherston, Chrissie Miller, a few models, a couple djs and Leandra Medine, who tweeted, ‘The Carlyle Hotel thinks it’s the Bowery this week.'”

If fashion people have a bad reputation for being self-centered, superficial shitbirds, going out partying every night while people in your city are without food, power and heat, certainly isn’t helping. Guys, this is why everyone hates you.