VA Candidate’s Campaign HQ Vandalized With “Baby Killer”

  • The campaign headquarters of Wayne Powell, the Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, was vandalized with the words “baby killer” and “n***er lover.” Ugh, what is wrong with people?! [Think Progress]
  • Wisconsin Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin is really, really close to becoming the first-ever openly gay senator. [Jezebel]
  • A five-year-old girl designed her own video game (with her dad’s help) and has now netted her own TED talk. [The Mary Sue]
  • Parents of a pregnant 32-year-old with developmental disabilities do not want their daughter having an abortion. A Nevada judge, however, wants to hold an inquiry to find out what the daughters’ wishes are, despite the fact her parents have legal rights over their daughter’s medical decisions. [The Stir]
  • Why do some people oppose California’s Prop 35 anti-sex trafficking initiative? [TIME]
  • How one high school feminism class marked the International Day of the Girl. [Feminist Teacher]
  • Catching up with the pioneering female artist Judy Chicago. [Guardian UK]
  • And in headless women used in advertising news… [Think Progress]


  • British family courts put victims of domestic violence at risk, according to a new report by Rights Of Women, a legal rights charity. [Raw Story]
  • Playboy has finally come to India. Um, yay? [Daily Mail UK]
  • The parents in Pakistan who attacked their 15-year-old daughter by tossing acid in her face said she had “looked at” a boy. [BBC]
  • The African country of Malawi has started the process of decriminalizing homosexuality. [Queerty]
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