Today In WTF: Man Beats His Girlfriend With A Python

It’s been a very WTF week. But even in the wake of what you think was the most the WTF week, even more WTF stories emerge.

Thirty-four-year-old Keith Paro of West Springfield, MA, turned himself into authorities after beating his girlfriend with his pet python. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. That is like a double worst nightmare: being beaten with a live snake.

According to police reports, Paro’s girlfriend was in the hot tub when he used the snake on her as a whip, leaving her with bruises all over her body. When he was done, he threw the four-foot python in the hot tub and left it to die. He then proceeded to throw “a set of temporary stairs” at his girlfriend.

The python is dead, the woman is healing, Paro is facing assault and animal cruelty charges and I am reeling from the WTFness of it all. [Huffington Post]