Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: The Hottest “Dexter” Scene Ever?

This week’s recap post does not include “Revenge,” as I went to bed at, like, 8:30 last night and haven’t watched yet. However, I did watch screeners of both “Dexter” and “Homeland” earlier in the week and will recap those as usual after the jump. (And, let’s face it, “Revenge” has been kind of dull anyway.) Remember: spoilers abound!

“Dexter.” Last week, I talked about how “Dexter” attention this season seemed to be spread across a number of plot lines, a few of which seemed really kind of pointless to me. I still feel that way about the Russian mob storyline, the point of which now seems to be about digging a hole for Officer Tan N. Scrawny, I mean, Detective Quinn. Quinn has tried to be a good cop after years of being a bad cop, but these Russian mobsters are now threatening to hurt his girlfriend, stripper Nadia, unless he makes evidence against bad guy Isaak Sirco go away. When Quinn isn’t thinking with his penis or his pocketbook, he’s thinking with his heart. Sigh. I feel like this might not end well for Officer Tan N. Scrawny, and that makes me sad.

           But the other storyline that puzzled me involved Hannah McKay, the “unwilling” partner in a killing spree years ago who has been helping the police find the bodies of some of the victims. Last week, Dexter figured out that Hannah wasn’t so unwilling after all and actually committed some of those murders herself. In last night’s episode, he began to lure her into his clutches, so he could do what the police department couldn’t since she had an immunity deal — kill her, of course. Well, that didn’t go quite as planned, as Dexter decided to FUCK HER INSTEAD. Is there something incredibly wrong with me that I found this insanely hot? Maybe it’s just that I have been craving some sex on this show, but I also find the heat between Dex and Hannah to be through the roof. But what does it meaaaaaan? Hannah is a killer without a code. For how long with Dexter spare her? Will he begin to abandon his code as well? And how jealous is Deb going to be, right?

           “Homeland.” Brody has turned and is now working for the CIA. Or so he says? Thus far, it does appear that Brody is sticking with his decision to be a double agent, supplying the CIA with information about Abu Nazir’s plans as he learns them. One of the few contacts Brody had was the Tailor, who he ended up killing during his No Good, Terrible, Very Bad Day a few episodes ago. But the Tailor’s shop may provide the agency with information. Agent Asshole With The Cheekbones (that’s what I call Peter Quinn, the guy who stabbed Brody through the hand) is sent to the Gettysburg shop with a team to collect evidence, but sadly, somehow Abu Nazir’s people found out and rampaged them. Pleeeeeaaaaase don’t kill off Agent Cheekbones! I think he is the perfect bad cop to Carrie’s occasional good cop, and adds an interesting dynamic to her interactions with Brody.

Meanwhile, Dana, Brody’s teen daughter, has realized that her VP son boyfriend — you know the one who mowed down a woman (who died!)with his car and didn’t bother to stop — is a royal douche. A little too late, girlfriend…

And Mike, Brody’s sort of BFF, is starting to become more and more suspicious about the mysterious death of Tom Walker. A search of Brody’s garage uncovered a box of bullets, with one missing, giving him all the evidence he needed, it seems. Naturally, when he told Jessica that he thinks Brody killed Tom, the dum-dum immediately let it slip that Brody is “working for the CIA.” Anyone who knows anything about the history of the CIA, mind you, shouldn’t take much comfort in that. So what will Mike do with this information? And what else does Abu Nazir already know? Dummm dummm dummmmmmm….