Make Bea Arthur Proud! LGBT Teen Center Destroyed By Sandy Needs Your Help

When flawless “Golden Girls” star Bea Arthur passed away, she left a bucket of money to the Ali Forney Center in New York City, a shelter for LGBTQ teenagers. Ali Forney was a drop-in day center for kids who were thrown out of their homes or ran away from home when their families would not accept their sexual orientation. It had food, showers, HIV testing, and mental health services, among other services.

Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Ali Forney Center last week.

Located less than a block from the Hudson River, the day center was flooded with four feet of water, ruining all food, supplies, and computers. In the short term, Ali Forney will be providing services at the NYC LGBT Center while they get themselves sorted out. Instead of donations of supplies (which they don’t have any place to put just yet), the shelter is asking for monetary donations. You can donate at here.

Won’t you consider donating? Bea Arthur would want you to. You don’t want to upset the ghost of Bea Arthur, do you? Didn’t think so. [ONTD]

There are still many people without power, heat, and hot water who need our help, so please check out this list of resources.

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