Kristin Tells Off The Other Girls On “America’s Next Top Model,” Posts Angry Facebook Rant

When I heard that Kristin, the super-genetically blessed blonde girl on this cycle of “America’s Next Top Model,” was only 19, I felt relieved. At least she’s young enough that she still has time to shake that whole “I think I’m Regina George in ‘Mean Girls'” thing.

On Friday’s episode of “ANTM,” Kristin spent the whole episode, as usual, complaining about the other girls instead of focusing on her smize and tooch. And yet when she ended up in the bottom two, Kristin threw a temper tantrum backstage, lashed out at Kiara and Leila for “gloating” over their high scores and repeatedly called sweet little Leila a “bitch.”

Find out who went home — i.e. SPOILER! — after the jump…
I can’t say I’m too upset about what happened next. Or surprised at how she handled it. Au revoir, Kristin!

Oh, but that’s not all. On Friday night, Kristin Kagay took to her Facebook page to rant about how she was edited on “ANTM,” calling them “assholes.” Girl, you just got on the wrong side of Tyra. Here’s her full rant, called “A peice [sic] of my mind on reality bullshit”:

I never thought being on reality tv would give me a certain respect for other reality stars that i hadn’t had before. To put yourself out there for the world to watch can put you in a vulnerable state of mind. A TV show is JUST that, a SHOW. It needs ratings and someone to keep those veiwers watching.. whether it’s a girl with an eating dissorder or bad attituded bitch. Whoever is behind the scenes to put the show together has no regard for how their show may effect the casts life.. sure you sign on for a show and what do you expect? Well most certainly not to be percieved as someting you are so far from. Once it’s all said and done there is no going back but there is the after math you are stuck to deal with. The shit talking.. plus shit talking.. and some more shit talking. What are you supposed to do when there are thousands of insecure niave people sitting behind a computer half way around the world whom have never met you, continue to tell you that you don’t deserve anything in life because of your “nasty, mallicous, cold hearted” ways. Rough huh? Well here is what you do.. you thank the people that DO know you and DO care about you for being there. You can’t let society bring you down and get into your head when you know you have your friends and family that know the real you. The only opinions that matter to me are the ones coming from the people that actually love me for who i am & if those people want to tell me i’m doing something wrong they will tell me in a way that is not just to bash me because they are bored with their own lives. Never thought I would be saying i respect people like Snooki but for having to deal with all the haters that bitch is doing just fine.

So, thank you friends and family that don’t judge because of the way i have been made out to be on a show and thank you for still having my back, treating me the same as before and always supporting me when i need it most. YALL are the people i don’t want to dissapoint. Yall are my real fans.

& thank you ANTM for making me look like the realist c!*t on the show. Couldn’t have done it without you. Assholes.

Kristin is right, of course, that producers edit shows to fit their own narratives. For all we know, Kristin performed mouth-to-mouth on orphaned puppies, but in this cycle of “Top Model,” she was portrayed as the bitch. I don’t doubt that there is a “real” Kristin (or anyone else on reality TV, or in the public eye for that matter) who is different from her worst moments.

And yet …

She still behaved the way she behaved and gave producers the material to use that allowed them to “cast” her how they wanted her. Either nasty words came out of her mouth, or they didn’t. Producers didn’t put them there.

So, goodbye Kristin! I wish she had gotten booted off far earlier and that kooky Victoria, who was a much more talented model and actual nice human being, had stayed.

Who do you want to win “ANTM” this season? I’m Team Kiara or Team Leila, while Ami and Amelia are both Team Laura. Let us know in the comments!

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