Let’s Be Friends: Girl Who Got Detention For Hugging

In my world, 12-year-old Amber Ablett would be rewarded, not punished for being a hugger. The young Aussie was punished for violating her school’s hugging ban, which was established when some students got bruises and other injuries from “overenthusiastic” hugging. “This behavior was getting out of control with students hugging each other several times a day and this was becoming disruptive to classes,” said the principal of Abby Road Primary School, Gemma Preston.

If hugging is the worst problem the school is facing, then they should consider themselves lucky. I think a seminar about appropriate ways to show affection would be far more useful than a ban. Amber’s mom, Heidi Rome, agrees that the hugging ban is “silly.” Rome was “dumbfounded” when her daughter received detention for giving her friend a hug goodbye. “It’s not so much the detention — it’s the fact there is this rule and the psychological implications it could have,” Rome said

Damn straight! A world without hugs is like a night without stars. (Yes, that was a reference to “Annie.”) My message to Amber: Don’t let anyone stop you from hugging. Wrap your arms around the world girl, and don’t let go! [UPI]