Todd Akin Political Ad Features Woman Who Was Raped & Had Abortion

Three months ago, Missouri’s Senate candidate Todd Akin said that “pregnancy from rape is really rare” and “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut the whole thing down.” Instead of dropping out of the race for some desperately-needed basic biology lessons, the Republican candidate pressed on with his campaign. Yesterday, he released a campaign ad starring two women, one whom was born in Russia and extols the freedoms of America and another who says she was raped and had an abortion.

The second woman, identified by The Washington Post as Kelly Burrell, says, “I’m a woman who has had an abortion. I’ve been raped in my past. The reason that I’m voting for Todd and I’m so proud of him is because he defends the unborn. He’s a kind man, a compassionate man.”

Basically, he found a unicorn to speak up for him — although it is unclear from the ad whether Burrell was impregnated from rape or has both been raped and had an abortion and the two are unrelated. In any case, what does the Akin campaign think this ad is supposed to do, other than on a superficial level show he has support from one rape survivor who was apparently not offended by his comments about “legitimate rape”? He was the laughingstock of the United States. One survivor’s support does not erase that.

I’m further suspicious that Kelly Burrell is an outlier in terms of “speaking on behalf of women.” She seems to be implying in the ad that she regrets her abortion; however, the one in three American women who have abortions report feeling many different types of emotions. The one anti-choicers trumpet the most is regret.

Please, please, please let this man get trounced by Claire McCaskill? Pretty please?

P.S. If you are seeking non-judgmental support after an abortion, a group called Exhale ProVoice has an after-abortion talkline for both men and women.

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