Sexual Assault Accusations Against Cee Lo Green Are Kinda Horrible

  • The sexual assault accusations against “The Voice” host Cee Lo Green have gotten more awful: the woman claimed he allegedly slipped Ecstacy in her drink and brought her home, where she woke up next to him, confused and naked, the following day. On the advice of police, the woman allegedly called Cee Lo and secretly recorded him apologizing to her. [PopCrush, Celebrity Cafe]
  • NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has confirmed that he is canceling the New York Marathon on Sunday, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. [The Atlantic Wire]
  • Remember how the Kardashian household was paid a visit by Child Protective Services? It turns out some prankster called in to claim she was beating Kylie with a belt. [TMZ]
  • Pets show off their acting chops in this ‘playing dead’ supercut. [The FW]
  • Chris Brown is really trying to become a better person, you guys. [Socialite Life]
  • Kirstie Alley says her “Look Who’s Talking” co-star and Scientologist pal John Travolta is “the love of my life.” Gurl, we need to talk.
  • “Mythbusters” is doing a “Breaking Bad”-themed episode with Aaron Paul. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Is Ben Affleck’s new movie “Argo” sexist? [Thought Catalog]
  • Dare you follow any beauty and fashion tips from JWoww? [Racked]

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