Roe Vs. Wade Is Not As Safe As You Think

  • Think Roe vs. Wade, which effectively legalized abortion in the U.S., is safe? Think again. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Blogger Kelsey Wallace disagrees with me about “hipster sexism” — here’s her take on it! [Bitch Magazine]
  • A bar in Wyoming would not allow gay couples to participate in singles night. [Queerty]
  • The U.S. Air Force dis-enrolled officer Rebecca Edmonds for getting pregnant out of wedlock. [Think Progress]
  • The University of Alabama named Judy Bonner its first-ever female president. [AP]
  • On why we have to stop calling Hurricane Sandy a “bitch.” [Guardian UK]
  • Meet a group of suburban moms who support gay marriage in Maryland. [Queerty]
  • Parents in Kashmir have been arrested for a so-called “honor killing” of their 15-year-old daughter for throwing acid on her after she talked to a boy outside her home. [Guardian UK]
  • Christian women in Nigeria have been banned from bringing bags in church over fear someone might try to carry in a bomb. [BBC]
  • Where are the powerful women in China? [BBC]
  • Both Canada and Australia have launched women-only literary prizes. [Guardian UK]
  • The tomb of an Egyptian princess has been discovered near Cairo. [France 24]
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