Did Kelsey Grammer’s New Wife Dress As His Ex-Wife For Halloween?

Here’s a picture of Kelsey and Kayte Grammer at the Playboy Halloween party. You can decide for yourself whether or not you think Kayte’s “witch with a nose job” costume bears any resemblance to Kelsey’s ex-wife, Camille Grammer. Kelsey was adamant that any resemblance was completely unintentional.

”Her hat was missing as she had removed it because her wig was itching and it was hot … We enjoyed the evening. We love our child … Kayte is my wife and lady love (who is 31 and goes by the name Kayte Grammer, by the way, not Walsh),” he told E!.

I’m looking at the picture and it seems pretty obvious to me that this costume was meant as an insult to Camille. Not OK. Completely fucked up. Beyond tacky. Of all the Halloween costumes in the world that you could choose, there is no reason whatsoever for Kayte to wear a wig that even mildly resembled Kelsey’s ex-wife. And the nose job bandage? I don’t get it. Is it meant to infer that Camille had plastic surgery? I just can’t.

Am I overreacting or do you see it, too? [Celebitchty]