Today In WTF: Toddler Exposed To Gonorrhea By Sucking On A Used Condom At A Playground

It happened in Florida. A toddler sucked on a used condom on a playground and may have gonorrhea, or even HIV, because of it. I’m not even going to make a Florida joke right now because this story is so thoroughly disturbing.

Teisha Sanders has filed a lawsuit against the Jacksonville Urban League, which runs her three-year-old daughter’s Head Start daycare program. Sanders claims that her daughter found a used condom on the daycare’s playground and sucked on it.

“I lift up my head and I saw her put something in her mouth and I was like, ‘get that out of your mouth!’ And someone said see what she had in her mouth and that’s when I found out she had a condom in her mouth,” explained Sanders.

Sanders washed out her daughter’s mouth and took her to the emergency room for a battery of tests. The condom tested positive for gonorrhea. Sanders’ daughter has been tested every four months since the December 2011 incident, and so far the results are negative, but doctors say it may take up to a year for any STIs, including HIV to show up on the toddler’s blood tests.

“If it happens to my daughter, it can happen to yours,” Saunders warned.

The daycare director maintains that the playground area is cleaned and checked each day.

I don’t even know what to say. I hope her daughter gets a clean bill of health. I hope daycare staff check the playgrounds more carefully. And I hope people stop having sex in daycare playgrounds and stop leaving their used condoms laying around. [News 4 Jax]